From the ashes of Exit 272 Oakland, FL and from the same garage where it all began [now with new paint and few couches] comes the band Eighteen87.

Based in historic West Orange County, FL, and named after the year the town of Oakland was founded, Eighteen87 is proud to call Oakland its home base.

“We are definitely NOT your average cover band” former Exit 272 member and Eighteen87 lead guitarist David Alan Bruce says. “Our set list spans the decades! We are here to mix it up, bring them into the experience, and make them say "Wow…must see them again!”

We fill our song list with music everyone loves, everyone remembers, and bands rarely play. In addition, we play a few originals that will become an earworm to most.

So when you're able to catch a set, sit back and relax, or get up and dance, and most importantly enjoy the music and the memories. Visit our website to see our latest live events, and demos, and to contact/connect with us.


David Alan Bruce

Lead Guitar/Vocals


Lead Vocals






Bass Guitar/Vocals



David Alan Bruce is a native Angeleno from Los Angeles, California. His music career began as a songwriter in his early teens, and he played in bands throughout his early 20s. He co-founded the LA-local rock band 'Nightwatch' that played the infamous Sunset Strip, and clubs in Hollywood like the Troubadour.

David has always maintained focus on his songwriting career. He's successfully created 3 albums, 12 singles and works alongside music producer Jamie Stoffa. His most recent single, "Invincible" is now available on Spotify and on his website.

"Eighteen87 is simply a group of great musicians and good friends with a mission to deliver the songs where people say, 'Hey, I know that song' yet, other bands dare to tackle them. We’re having an amazing time and want to take all those willing to join us
on the ride”.
~ David

Gregg Knudholt's musical trip started in the mid-'70s in the small town of Shields, Michigan. As a drummer in the early days of his career, Gregg started as an Elvis impersonator and later moved on to what we consider today as classic rock.

In the late '70s, Gregg joined up with one of the most powerful rock bands in central Michigan. Working with Syd Arthur enterprises, the band never stopped working, traveling through Ann Arbor, Lansing Michigan south to Ohio, Illinois, and various other stops along the way. Recording songs at Watermelon Sugar Studios for a local "Best of the Best" Album, his band had over 20 originals and 60 plus covers ready for any gig show.

Gregg left Michigan in the '80s and moved to New York City. He went to the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and Sciences to study the craft of acting and ended up at the late Robert Patterson's studio where he spent six years perfecting his acting skills.

Today Gregg is very excited about Eighteen87 and putting together great tunes.

“My mission is to play music that everybody loves, everybody knows the words, everybody sings along. That's the best". ~ Gregg

Sam King is a central Florida native that has played music professionally for 25 years. Adept at guitar and bass, Sam is currently playing lead guitar in the band Keeper, acoustic guitar in Pair of Kings, and bass guitar in Eighteen87. A recent highlight for Sam was performing on the main stage at Leesburg Bike Fest in 2021.

“I’m looking forward to entertaining on a stage near you” ~ Sam

Dayton King - A Florida boy since the 1970s, Dayton has utilized his vocal skills and his ability to play drums since the early 1980s.

Formerly with the original band, Mean Season, and the cover band, Sticks and Bones, Dayton is currently playing with several cover bands in the Orlando area including Eighteen87 where he plays drums and sings background vocals. He also plays drums and is the lead vocalist for Pair of Kings as well as the lead vocalist for Keeper.

Dayton brings his high-energy performance to Eighteen87 and is excited to share his love of live music with such a superior-quality band.

“Come out and rock with us. Eighteen87 is entertainment at its finest.” ~ Dayton

Phil Ritts - As the son of an Army Colonel, Phil spent most of his childhood traveling to different US Army bases located in the US, Central & South America, and the Caribbean.

He’s been playing bass ever since he was 15 years old, and he saved up enough money cutting lawns to buy his first bass guitar. He first started playing in his high school jazz band and went on to play for The New Virginians Show Choir from Virginia Tech.

He worked two years at Disney performing for a variety of shows, and he performed for three USO tours entertaining US service personnel stations overseas in Europe, the Mediterranean, and Asia-South Pacific.

He’s also played for a variety of rock/blues bands. After a long hiatus from music, Phil is thrilled to return to his roots, playing music with musicians with similar interests.

Dennis Ward – It all started at age seven with accordion lessons. During high school when his childhood friends started a cover band of contemporary music (classic rock now), Dennis traded in his accordion for a portable organ and amp, continually upgrading his skills, keyboards, equipment, and bands/opportunities.

After playing through high school and college and the disappointment of an unsuccessful recording contract with a small independent studio in Miami, a multi-year hiatus was in order to allow time for work, marriage, children, and other life events. Music became a hobby for several years.

Eventually, the urge to play with a group again came to the forefront and Dennis has played in several local “Classic Rock” cover bands in and around Central Florida for the past 15 years.

Most recently, he joined a group of very talented musicians ….better known as Eighteen 87.

“The band is looking to up the ante of local cover bands by bringing their talents, versatility, and stage presence to local festivals, events and music venues” ~ Dennis


Pink Houses- John Mellencamp

I’ve Done Everything For You - Rick Springfield

Life During Wartime - Talking Heads

Working for a Living - Huey Lewis and the News

American Girl -Tom Petty

Heroes - David Bowie

Living on a Prayer- Bon Jovi

One Headlight- Wallflowers

The Way - Fastball

One Thing Leads to Another - The Fixx

Just Like Heaven - The Cure

A Girl Like you - Smithereens

Believe - David Alan Bruce

Just Passin’ Through - David Alan Bruce

Mary Janes Last dance - Tom Petty

China Grove - Doobie Brothers

Crazy Little Thing Called Love - Queen

Rockin’ in the Free World - Neil Young

Surrender - Cheap Trick

Closing Time - Semisonic

Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy - Big & Rich

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